Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family: Gov't Not Fulfilling Gate Promise

February 13, 2009
By Alex Trevino

LA PALOMA - Albert Garza is farming the land his family has owned for 50 years, but his children are worried about what's happening to their future. They're watching steel beams being built behind their home.

Norma Longoria says that federal agents guaranteed they would build a fence for the family before construction began, but that idea just went away. That means the family will have to drive a mile to get around the wall.

Albert Garza is not against the wall. He believes it will help protect the family from terror. Garza says that danger lurks in the darkness and day. A bend in the river is close by. That's why he's always looking over his shoulder when operating the water pump.

The river sits about 200 feet from the pump is, where land owners shut off the water, but Garza says having to drive one mile around the border wall in the middle of the night puts him in a danger. A part of his backyard is a well-known landing spot for illegals to sneak into the country and for armed drug smugglers to cross their loads.

The family feels a gate will help keep them safe, but not entirely convinced the segmented wall is the solution.

"It's my understanding this wall is not going to be straight through there's gaps so if our wall, fence ends here they are just going to go around there, what is the purpose to do the wall here and have an opening over here and different spots," said Norma Longoria.

Longoria feels that illegals will somehow find a way to still get in.

The Garza family says they are not quitting. They hope the new head of Homeland Security will help them save their land.

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